Hare Krishna Youth Center

(A Students BACE, under the Aegis of Nanda Gokulam)


Systematic Scientific and Practical Understanding of Knowledge and wisdom through various Courses and Books


Personal guidance and support System for helping individual sustain and grow against various obstacles in life.


Providing favourable Environment and culture for making it easier to convert Knowledge into Wisdom.

HKYC of Nanda Gokulam represents our youth wing. Youngsters can bring massive changes in the world. We too understand this. This is the reason behind the formation of the Hare Krishna Youth Center.

In order to inculcate Vedic values in the youth of today, who are almost completely unaware of the Vedic wisdom and hence, are in a great need for spiritual emancipation. It will provide Vedic answers to the problems of the inquisitive youth of today. Many youths have experienced a completely new lifestyle, unknown to the general public, free from the vices of the degrading society and spiritually satisfying

The HKYC organizes many activities for the benefit of the youth such as seminars and lectures on Personality development, Stress Management, Mind Control, Life Management, Self Management etc. all of which are based on the philosophy of the Bhagavad-Gitä. It will hold regular programs on Sundays namely Bhakti Vrkshas which educates the youth about dangers of stressful life, intoxication and moral degradation. and also college preaching wherein HKYC preachers will go and give one time seminars on topics relevant to the college students.


  • Gaining happiness and self-fulfillment in the life
  • Finding the internal potential such as motivation, concentration, tolerance, self-confidence, and kindness.
  • Securing youngsters from self-destructive addictions that harm mind and body.
  • Provide soft-skill training like leadership, stress management, time management etc.
  • Provide a sense of balancing between personal and professional life, work and entertainment.
  • Provide scientifically crafted lectures on Vedic intelligence by the highly qualified faculty members.

Student Camps:

Have you ever got these Questions??

These simple Enquiries will open a storehouse of knowledge to Know yourself, to know about the basic existential questions of life.

To get all such questions answered and to find out the Actual goal of our life. You can attend for a Six Session course called Science of “Self Realization.”

Science of Self Realization:

  • How to understand spirituality through Reason & Logic?
  • Does “God” really exist?
  • Was the universe created just by chance through a Big Bang?
  • How to gain Perfect Knowledge?
  • How to attain Real, Eternal Happiness?
  • What makes the humans superior to the animals?
  • What is the real purpose of our existence?
  • What are the real problems of life?
  • Are we merely machines or robots?
  • Are we just a combination of chemicals?
  • Am I this body, Mind or Spirit soul?
  • Is soul a fact or fantasy?
  • How does Reincarnation work?
  • What is the definition of ‘God’?
  • If God is one, the why so many religions & scriptures?
  • Do all paths lead to the same goal?
  • What is the real meaning of religion?
  • What is the real purpose of Creation?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people and vice versa?
  • What is our prime duty?
  • Where did we originally come from?
  • What is the solution to all the problems of life?
  • What is the real meaning of YOGA?
  • How to attain Love of God?
  • Material Problems, Spiritual Solutions?
  • What is the real peace formula?

HKYC (Hare Krishna Youth Center), Hyderabad is actively conducting preaching programs in colleges, hostels and rooms where students study and congregate. Locally, there are many students regularly chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Apart from the colleges in Hyderabad, HKYC conducts regular programs in in Sangareddy and other places also on a regular basis.

College preaching is one of the most effective and booming preachingdepartments in Hyderabad. Programs are conducted in the colleges as well as outside college campuses for the students. The youth here in Hyderabad respond very well to our preaching.

For the students who are interested in practicing Krishna consciousness seriously, we have our own hired hostels, which are located near the colleges, where the students can live and practice Krishna consciousness, while simultaneously pursuing their studies.

For More details and enquiries, Please contact:

Sakshi Gopal Dasa+91 81250 11776